longest discord call

The longest discord call? And how it’s proved

Discord is a VoIP software introduced on 13 May 2015, which is being used for communicating via call, messages, video chats private chats and can share files with it. T

his software is mostly being used for community creations.

The reason of its fame is that people start call on it and community members came to be a part and these calls remain on for hours and sometime for days.

These calls are transferred to another server before crashing of an ongoing server to continue the call and so they go too long.

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Longest discord call

The longest discord call remained on for 2 months which is equal to 1451 hours and this is the longest call in discord till yet.

Hundreds of community members have participated in this call and sat a unique kind of record to make a world’s longest discord call.

One of the main reason for these long calls is the software is being used by communities. So people join the call, perform their part and left. The similar process goes on by the other community members.

Skype was considered the best and most used video chat software but Discord has given a tough time to Skype and has made its place in the professional and social communities.

Almost all kind of communities has joined Discord for their respective purposes.

It’s a really useful application for professional, social and all kind of other communities.

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