Break Your Lease Agreement

What to Do if You Need To Break Your Lease Agreement?

There are a number of reasons that a person may need to get out of his or her lease agreement early. L

b in a different city. Maybe you have an aging parent whom you need to care for. Regardless of why you need to break your lease agreement, it is important to understand how to go about it.

Research Local Laws

The first thing to do is to learn what your local or state laws are regarding breaking a lease agreement. This means you’ll need to research your local laws. Understanding what is expected of you can help you determine how to best approach your landlord.

Talk To Your Landlord

After you know what your local laws are, try approaching your landlord. It may be that he or she will allow you to break the lease if you give a 30-day notice. Many landlords are understanding about unexpected changes in life that cause you to need to break your lease early. Be direct and professional but friendly when approaching your landlord. Explain the situation and ask them if they will allow you to break the lease. They may request that you find a subletter to take over the remainder of your lease.

Be Prepared To Buy Out Your Lease

Many times, a landlord will expect you to buy out the rest of your lease if you need to move and can’t find a subletter to take over the lease. Depending on how long you have left on the lease, this can cost thousands of dollars. Before deciding that you want to break your lease, it’s important to determine whether you can afford such a large amount of money at once. If you don’t have the savings for it, you may need to consider taking out a personal loan so that you can buy out the lease. 

Avoid Leaving Without Communicating

If you really need to move, it could be tempting to do so without communicating with the landlord. This is a bad idea for several reasons. If you break a lease without finding a subletter or buying it out, your landlord may issue penalties. If you don’t pay the fines and the remainder of the rent, he or she may even take you to court. This could result in legal fees, negative reports on your credit, and more. 

Communication is the key to breaking your lease early. If you are honest and upfront, there is a good chance that your landlord will help you work out something that benefits you both.


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