types of laminated post cards

Types of Laminated Postcards

Every startup wants to build its brand on a pretty small budget. The idea is to keep your business afloat while enhancing awareness. Postcards are an excellent alternative in this case. These cards are affordable and can reach your target audience without a struggle. With a superb laminated mailer at your disposal, this process is seamless. Yet, you need to know the types of laminated postcards, including the following.

Regular Postcard

The standard postcard measures 4*6 inches or 5*7, depending on preferences. However, various companies have customized this regular postcard over the past few years. A regular postcard allows you to write your message on one side. While it seems a little too basic, this postcard is affordable and relatively effective. However, you will spend an extra cost to laminate it.

Giant Postcard

A giant laminated postcard is an excellent marketing tool, mainly targeting potential leads. This laminated postcard measures at least 8.5*11 inches. It allows you to write product descriptions and comprehensive messages. Its vast space ensures that you deliver the entire message you envision. At the same time, this massive size is a perfect attraction. It will quickly capture your potential client’s interest, encouraging lead generation and conversion.

One-Sided Postcard

Suppose you want to portray or market your new products in image form. In that case, a one-sided postcard would be a perfect choice. This option is associated with excellent graphics, providing a lasting impression on potential clients and marketing your brand. A gloss laminate ensures that your postcard stands out. You could also add a touch of vibrancy by adding artwork to your card. Notably, you will find these postcards in various sizes.

A Reply Postcard

A reply postcard allows the recipient to send it back without additional postage charges. This laminated postcard is vital in boosting communication between you and potential clients. Invest in a laminated postcard. It assures you of multiple benefits. However, it would be best to consider a type that suits your needs and preferences. The choices above are worth trying.


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