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10 Men’s Fashion Tips to Keep in Mind

While there is a lot of advice out there for men’s fashion, we have compiled 10 tips that are recurring as popular advice from around the web. They include how to look and feel your best, as well as spending money in smart ways that can help you look your best, without breaking the bank. In addition, you’ll see some tips for layering and using both formal and casual outfits. You cannot go wrong with following the following guidance to always look great and in style:

1. Spend more money on less pieces of clothing.

You are better off getting high quality clothes than cheap ones which will take up space and go to waste. Whether nice leather shoes or a nice durable suit, you usually will not regret spending a bit more in the long run.

2. Throw out or give away clothes you haven’t worn in over 2 years.

If you haven’t worn them in more than 700 days, you really don’t need them anymore. Move on and get something new.

3. Layer your clothes well.

During summer, you can get by with one shirt. The rest of the time, have at least two presentable layers on top. You never know when you’ll need to change up your look to adapt to the weather.

4. Invest in a nice suitcase and bag.

This is part of how you look, beyond the clothes on your body. So its definitely something to always keep in mind.

5. Own a watch you looks great with formal clothes.

Such a small accessory can greatly enhance how you look and feel, through its appearance and functionality… you don’t have to keep pulling out your phone during important occasions.

6. Limit T-shirts with graphics out.

A solid-color high quality tee is a better option, or another lightweight option like a henley or polo from xSuit’s t-shirt line.

7. Have a couple nice white or light blue dress shirts.

These are greatly adaptable for any occasion. A high-quality performance dress shirt will make you look and feel great and is always easy to layer.

8. Dress with Fit in Mind

It’s great to be working towards a fitter physique, but in the meantime get something that fits best for the body you have.

9. It’s OK to Dress a Bit Older

Although a casual look is usually associated with youth, once you get into your 20s it is not bad to start dressing with a bit more mature look in mind.

10. Don’t believe in absolute rules.

Even though we just listed these, there is always flexibility based on your style and feel. But its always good to use common sense for the occasion.

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