Make Your Own Flower Bouquet at Home

DIY Magic With Flowers

A bouquet seems like a pretty straightforward floral arrangement, but there are a few things you want to think about for the best results. The sort of flowers you get, how you put them together, how you display them, how to nourish a hand-made bouquet, and other considerations come into play.

In this writing, we’ll help you make the perfect bouquet. This link has additional tips on making a simple flower bouquet. Between that link and what’s written here, you’ll be a floral expert in no time.

1. Quantity of Flowers

First, decide how big you want your bouquet to be. Ideally, you should be able to hold it in one hand without losing flowers. You will want to have ribbon, string, or rubber bands to bind the flowers together. You’ll want a quantity of between 6 and 24, depending on size and stem thickness. If you’re picking them by hand, there can be a lot of variances.

Healthy flowers are robust, and around twelve is about perfect. This is a big reason roses and other flowers are often sold by the dozen.

2. Layering Arrangements

You don’t have to make a monochromatic bouquet. It’s a great idea to have many different varieties in your final arrangement. You don’t want them to be “flat”. You’re not trying to create some perfectly formed martini glass shape. You’re trying to make something aesthetically pleasing. You want a rounded top that has “texture” and “depth”.

3. Cutting Flowers in the Proper Place

When you cut flowers too short or too long, you’ve got a problem. If you cut the stem too close to the ground, the flowers may not last as long because the stem opens out a bit more and won’t properly ingest nutrients. The opposite issue exists if you cut the stem too high. Also, some flowers (roses) have thorns, and you’ll want to clip those off.

A general rule of thumb is to cut flowers an inch from the bottom of the main stem. So if you’ve got a twenty-inch flower sticking up from the ground, clip it near the base, but not right at where it comes from the ground or whatever bush it’s flowering from.

4. Bouquet Display and Nourishment Tips

You want to display cut flowers arranged in a bouquet with a vase of some variety. Opaque vases are better, as keeping cut flowers around for a while eventually results in dirty water. To keep bouquets looking fresh longer, sometimes up to a month or more, you want to feed them with citric acid, sugar, and a bit of bleach.

There are little packets you can buy, but you can put together such flower food on your own as well. Here’s a link with information on how to make cut flower food for your homemade bouquet.

Home-Made Bouquets That Feel Professional

Bouquet display, cut flower nourishment, cutting flowers properly, arrangement layering, and bouquet quantity represent key features of bouquet design. At the end of the day, there’s more to it than just grabbing flowers and grouping them together.

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