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How to Sell any Car Online for the Highest Price | Top 3 Car Buyers in UAE

The online marketplace for cars is growing year over year. Car owners looking to get the best price for their vehicles and discovering the advantages of selling online over more traditional routes.

And it’s paying off. Selling online opens up a world of new buyers, it means you can receive more offers than ever before, increasing profits and saving time.

However, as a relatively new selling strategy, car owners are still trying to figure out how to make the most of this invaluable opportunity.

Fortunately, some tips and tricks can help buyers land the highest price in the least time with as little hassle as possible. If you’re planning on selling your car online, do yourself a favour and follow the following invaluable advice.

Tips & Tricks for Selling your Car Online

Get your car evaluated online

Many car owners make the mistake of estimating their own car’s value. By doing this, from the get-go, they’re leaving money on the table. Often, they’ll research sale values of similar vehicle models to their own.

However, these figures often don’t represent the true and fair value of the car. Instead, they’re usually amateur estimations made by other car owners who also base their assessments on non-professionals’ search results.

So, a professional opinion cannot be underestimated when it comes to car value evaluation and it’s a fair recommendation to sell any car online after evaluating its value by a professional evaluator. A qualified vehicle evaluator knows precisely what factors determine the condition of a car and how to evaluate them. What’s more, they’ll consider market trends when deciding upon a figure.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to evaluate your car’s value online. For example, many online automotive or insurance sites offer calculators that return approximate valuations based upon input about your vehicle.

Going further, some automotive businesses are happy to evaluate your car through documentation, images, videos, and other information.

Overall, consulting a professional with a trained eye for what gives a vehicle value is a worthwhile endeavor.

Fix what isn’t working

Simple amendments to your car can prove worthwhile when it comes to return-on-investment. Few buyers want to purchase a vehicle they’ll have to spend more money on.

So, be sure to replace worn tires, fix cracked windshields, and mend any noticeable faults. Be especially sure to fix safety-related items – brakes, steering, and lighting components, for example. 

Clean your car

Selling online is primarily a visual affair. So, while a description can certainly compel, the photos usually seal the deal. Be sure to scrub down the exterior of your car, including wheels, while dusting down the interior.

Contact an online dealership

These days, online car selling services are thriving worldwide. What they deliver is irresistible to car owners who’re tired of lengthy sale processes, paperwork, bargaining, and potential scams. Instead, these miracle services make it their business to make buying and selling easy.

What’s more, they offer security. Buying and selling online requires a lot of trust. A buyer has to trust that a seller is honestly selling what they’re advertising, while a seller has to trust they’re not being cheated out of money or conned. So the online dealership becomes a trusted mediator for both parties to safely deal through.

Better still, sellers are usually guaranteed to secure a better price for their car while cutting down on time spent selling, thanks to not having to take care of the nitty-gritty of car selling.

To 3 Car Buyers in UAE

Expat Car Buyers

Expat Car Buyers are the best service to sell any car in UAE, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. They’re trusted by thousands of buyers and sellers every year to safely and fairly conduct vehicle and financial processes.

Expat Car Buyer’s team of qualified professionals take pride in their ability to complete the selling process in under 30 minutes, and their reviews show this to be true!

Selling your car with Expat Car Buyers is as simple as making an appointment, attending your appointment with your vehicle, having your car evaluated free of charge, and then deciding whether to accept the bid from the qualified evaluator or not.

If you accept, your vehicle is bought there and then, and the money is transferred to you through cheque, cash, or bank transfer, depending on your preference under 30 minutes– simple!

Next, Expat Car Buyer’s team of professionals then take care of the rest! With them, you’re guaranteed the highest value for your car in the least time, thanks to their industry-based knowledge and expertise to value your car fairly.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also happy to settle your car loans! With plenty of showrooms located throughout the UAE, they’re easy to find and even easier to sell any car with. As the go-to for most UAE car owners, they’re the best bet if your goal is to have a seamless, no-fuss, and excellent car-selling experience.


Dubizzle is the UAE’s one of the most popular platforms for buying, selling, or finding anything they need in their community.

Among their most active categories is car sales, with numerous new daily ads featuring various cars of all makes and models. Selling your car on Dubizzle is as simple as

Sell Car UAE

Sell Car UAE started as a family business before expanding into a more established online car buying and selling service. They offer online car evaluations based on minimal information alongside on-site assessment. Their team of professionals will take your car off your hands for a fair price without you even having to touch any paperwork or deal with buyers so that you can be guaranteed a fast sale with little hassle.

Key Takeaways

Selling a car in the UAE can be a lengthy, stressful, and hectic process. Fortunately, as car selling processes increasingly move online, the whole affair is becoming easier.

Thanks to online dealerships such as Expat Car Buyers, sellers no longer have to worry about the more risky side of selling online. What’s more, they’re often ensured better profits in less time without even having to take care of paperwork or dealing with the public.  

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