How to Make Your an SEO-Friendly Blog Post

How to Make Your Blog Post SEO-Friendly

If you’ve ever blogged or are wondering what makes an  SEO-friendly blog post, the answer to this question is bound to be complex.
What makes mine different, more unique, or better than the competition?

When writing an SEO-friendly post, it’s important to gauge what consumers expect from a blog. Many people believe that transparency and the use of eye-catching images and text are essential to make a post-user-friendly. But in practice, it is much more than that.

The question we are going to answer is simple, but more complex: How to Make Your Blog Post SEO-Friendly?

If you follow the following points, and of course write articles on topics that are relevant and in sufficient demand, you will surely have a user-friendly blog post on your hands.


Imagine yourself in a situation where you stumble upon a blog where you can’t find anything relevant to you, everything is confluent, not transparent.

We leave such websites, in this case, blogs, immediately, because we have neither the time nor the inclination to search between the lines. Transparency is the opposite of the former example when you enter a blog that at first glance seems simple, sophisticated, and uncluttered.

Of course, opacity can be the reason why someone leaves your website. But to be sure of the reason why your visitors don’t stay or click on the links you want, I recommend using heatmaps or session replays.

Heatmaps will help you gauge which areas of your blog are more prominent from the users’ perspective and which parts are not getting attention.

And the role of session replays is to help you see which parts of your blog your readers may have missed, where they scrolled faster, and where they stopped slower, so you can measure the overall time spent on your site in terms of time spent on the page.

The use of headings that indicate the content behind them is essential for transparency. So make sure that what your target audience is looking for is highlighted and easily accessible, and remove any unnecessary, inappropriate text and images, because if the user doesn’t like what they see, they may leave your blog and your article won’t get a high readership.

You’ve probably come across articles that didn’t seem SEO-friendly at first glance. To make your article SEO-friendly, make sure that the text of your post is transparent.

Don’t overcrowd it with images, videos, and external links either, because search engines won’t rank your article well. Always make it easy to read, clear and understandable for your target audience.

Creative images

Often it’s not the text that attracts visitors to a blog page, but a striking and creative image & logo.

Images can contribute to making your blog post SEO-friendly, as an eye-catching image can attract more readers.

Often people think that if an image catches their interest, they will continue to browse the post, and if the text is interesting enough, not just the image, they will usually read through it.

Attractive, Creative Text

Let’s now turn to the content of the article. Creating good copy that is eye-catching, easy to understand, and creates curiosity and desire for your product or service is essential. was started by an English language tutor to help his students prepare for English language tests with the aim of providing in-depth lessons and tips. Initially used by his students, now the website has a global audience.

It is important to always focus on your target audience when writing your article. This is also a key to creating an SEO-friendly blog post.

It’s important to be unique, and relevant, and to be written by someone who knows the subject matter, so you know exactly what’s going on.

By uniqueness, I mean that you should always publish posts on your website, on your blog, that have not appeared elsewhere. By doing this you can benefit not only your readers but also the search engines.

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Believe me, they are smarter than you think, they will spot duplicate posts right away. And I’m not even talking about humans. Make your content relevant. If you have a blog about web analytics, you should never include articles about how to make pizza.

Of course, this is an interesting topic, but not on a web analytics blog. Be focused and concentrate on the subject. It also follows that blog posts about web analytics should be written by someone who is a specialist in the field. And a master of pizza making should write articles for the pizza blog. How obvious is that, right?

Your post can be completely dry, clichéd, and full of jargon. But it can also be interesting and direct, in which case you should address your readers personally and offer a solution to their problems and needs.

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You can increase the quality of your blog by creating an interaction with users that is only limited by your creativity.

Why does this benefit you? By asking users for their opinion on an article they’ve just read, or by asking them to rate your blog site, you’ll gain a lot of useful information about your target audience, plus your readers will feel like you care about them.


Build Trust

You can increase the quality of your blog by interacting with Your customers must trust your blog.
The following can be crucial to this:

  1. Good, clear, concise descriptions and confidence-inspiring photos.
  2. Help and contact as easily as possible.
  3. Include reviews from previous readers of your blog, as customers are more likely to identify with and trust the opinions of people who have already interacted with the website.
  4. Make it easy to know and present the service provider site, brand, or person.
  5. All other communication that is informative and useful continually builds customer trust.

So, if you pay enough attention to these factors, you can build people’s trust in your company and your blog more deeply.

About Us page

Building a relationship of trust also includes an about us page. The about us page is designed to give visitors a closer look at the people behind the company or blogging.

It’s important to make sure that you’re about us page is never clichéd and dry like a documentary, but that it evokes positive emotions from your web shop visitors.

That is why you should add some creative and fun to read content in your about us page too. And if you have any difficulty in writing such a content, you can always use rephrase tools. These paraphrasing tools will help you in writing more meaningful content for the visitors.

It should be about mission, and enthusiasm that communicates knowledge and prestige.


As I mentioned before, it’s important that your blog is visual and creative, but also make sure that no element or way of working slows it down. It’s not usually the text on a blog that slows it down, but the image and video formats on it.

Of course, if it doesn’t have them, it can become very boring, so by all means use both images and videos, but make sure they are embedded from another sharing site – YouTube – so it doesn’t slow down the site.

As for the images, make sure you optimize them before uploading, for which there are both online and downloadable programs. It can spoil the image of your blog if the quality of your images is poor, so reduce the file size of your images without any visible loss of quality.

It doesn’t matter what format or extension you use, because jpeg, for example, takes up much less space than PNG.

However, it is not only the presence of images and videos that can slow down your site, but also the speed of your provider and the server it is on.

So make sure that videos are embedded from other sharing sites, it’s important to check the format and extension of the images on your blog, find out what your provider offers, and only install plugins that are important to use.


If you feel lost in all the advice, calm down, it doesn’t happen overnight. It is important to take the time to design a professional, quality webshop.

Many parts of it are obvious and don’t need explanation, but if you’re worried you won’t be able to remember all this stuff, save this article and you can always pull it out if you get stuck when writing an article.

My last piece of advice for you, which applies not only to blogs but to all commercial sites and websites, is that your website should not just consist of a plethora of blog articles.

Be creative, read up on what else you need to create an SEO-friendly post, and by golly, just do it. If the content is as colorful, versatile, useful, and appeals to a wide range of people, the more effective and actionable it is.

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