How to compress images, jpg, pdf, PNG-Top 6 image compressor tools

Nowadays, photos play a dominant role in our daily lives, like in our studies and mostly in our business field. As images play a significant role in our online footprint, may it be an Online business or a person’s social media.

These days, as the quality of our camera lenses is increasing, our photos’ size is also enhancing. But, unfortunately, the internet offers our limited space, so we can’t use uncompressed images of larger sizes.

The main obstacle faced by web developers while maintaining their sites is that the photos they want to upload are more significant than the space they have on their server, limiting them to a lower size than they need.

In addition, the uncompressed photo takes more time to get uploaded and makes your site handle more time while loading, which can be inconvenient for the user.

The easy solution to this issue is that everyone can effortlessly use photo size convertors online to easily compress an image to 20 kb or 50 kb without any hassle.

But we hear some misconception about image size convertor that there can be a massive difference in the appearance and size of an image.

The main reason for this is that people have minimal knowledge of which photo converter tool can be used for the image type. So, let’s have some brief discussion on image types.



RAW file format means that the pictures are directly captured from the cameras. Raw image requires large storage space, and it helps while capturing high quality and detailed picture. Therefore, it is mainly used for photography purpose.


PNG stands for portable network graphics. this is the most popular bitmap used over the internet.

This allows us lossless compression, which means that by compressing or editing it, the quality of the picture can’t be lost. PNG file formats support 8-48 bits of true colours with or without alpha channels.

It can also assist with graphic interchange format (GIF). This is mainly used to store web graphics, digital photographs and images with transparent background.


The full form of JPEG is a joint photographic expert group. It is suppressed of lossy and compressed image format. This is a well-known type because it contains high quality and easily downloadable feature.

After all, this feature is very popular in the multimedia and imaging industry. Moreover, it is in the 24-bit colour format, so it’s plenty of colours and a higher rank than others.


This is an image format that exercises both lossy and lossless compression and uses to assist animations and alpha transparency. It was developed by Google to help reduce image file size to help the users improve the speed of web page while buffering.

As I mentioned before, the internet offers us several tools online that might be very useful for us to compress images online according to your own requirement.

For example, almost every online site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram would require a 20-50 kb image. For this purpose, you can take the help of these online image compressing tools.



It is an easy-to-use helpful platform to compress formats like PNG, JPEG and BMP very quickly. The steps to use this program are;

  • Click add program
  • Select image
  • Choose an output folder
  • Click compress

This won’t have the option of lossless compression, and it just reencodes the file at the picture size you select. It also has some restrictions, like it can only compress a 24-bit file.


Befunky is a free image resizing tool that provides plenty of different options. For example, it allows you to resize an image by height, width or by percentage scale.

It also allows you to change the height and adjust the width so the quality may not be manipulated.

Along with image resizing, it also gives us many other tools like photo editor, collage maker and graphic designing tools.


Imageoptim allows us to optimize JPEG, PNG and GIF files. In addition, this program can help in doing lossless compression. It gathered several different image optimization tools in its toolbox. It is mainly for Mac users.

This is a very convenient app. When you open it, it shows an empty window.

You can add an image by using the (+) icon, or you can just grab and drop the image, and the software will automatically start resizing the image, and when the image is resized, it shows a green tick sign to inform that the work is done. It also shows the image size and percentage of image size reduced.  

Photo Resizer:

This tool can resize photos for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This also gives many different helpful tools like drawing or writing anything on the picture and rotating or flipping the image as you want.

You can also add any caption to the photo to grab the attention of the users. The sharpening tool can make the blurry image clearer.

Bulk resizer:

Bulk Resizer is a straightforward and convenient application. It is beneficial to resize large size images. The window includes the main menu on the left side, and you can change it as per your requirement.

In addition, you can edit the picture by adjusting the height, width, or percentage scale of the image.


Crello is an online visual editing tool that offers us many different features like video editing, picture editing, creating animations and graphic designing. They also provide photo resizing for social media, website, advertising and businesses etc.

You can resize JPEG, PNG OR JPG files easily on this website. This app offers some preset dimensions to edit the image, and along with this, you can manually insert the size of the picture you require.

This is very trouble-free to use as you just have to upload the image you want to resize and insert it on the blank page.

Then select the “resize” icon from the top right corner of the application’s window, and you will get the resized image as you want within a couple of minutes.


You always need to use the correct size and good quality image to create a positive impression in the global community.

These all tools mentioned above can easily and freely resize your PNG, JPEG and JPG image to your desired size whether you are a professional behind the pc or someone with little or no knowledge about it.

The tools can resize the image with just a single click.

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