Different Types of Snowmobiles

Different Types of Snowmobiles

There are many types of snowmobiles, but this article will focus on the most popular categories: Cross-overs, Mountain snowmobiles, Trail-specific snowmobiles, and Performance snowmobiles.

Ultimately, the type of snowmobile that best suits your needs will depend on where you plan on using it you may visit Ontario Snowmobiles. Below, we’ll discuss each of these categories and their differences.

Then, you can make a more informed decision about which type of snowmobile is best for your needs.

A cross-over snowmobile is a hybrid sled used for backcountry or trail riding. Its long tracks and balanced riding position make it great for both. In addition to being fast, cross-over snowmobiles also can haul cargo.

This allows you to take the snowmobile just about anywhere you’d like. And because of their versatility, they’re a good option for a family who wants a sled that can handle rough terrain.

The cross-over market has become one of the most significant segments of the snowmobile industry. These versatile vehicles can pound the trail or glide through soft, western snow. This is a great selling point for many in the snowmobile market. But, it’s hard to pinpoint the best cross-over snowmobile. 


Trail-Specific Snowmobiles

A trail-specific snowmobile is an excellent choice if you want to ride on groomed trails in the woods. These models focus on cornering and handling and sometimes even have two-up seating from the factory.

Unlike a deep-powder snowmobiles, they are heavier and better suited to on-trail riding. They also have better handling and less jerkiness. However, they suffer from sub-par torque and a slightly higher starting price.

Cross-over snowmobiles are a good compromise between trail-specific and cross-over styles. These models offer the best of both worlds. They typically have longer tracks than trail sleds yet are short enough for comfortable riding on groomed trails.

They also feature suspension for on-trail riding and a rider position that suits both on and off-trail conditions. And if you’re still on the fence about which style of the sled to buy, the cross-over models are an excellent choice.

Mountain Snowmobiles

The main difference between trail and mountain snowmobiles is that mountain models are built specifically for riding in the mountains. The latter share a standard bulkhead and engine with their trail cousins but feature unique features.

These include an increased horsepower engine and long skis. Mountain snowmobiles also typically feature larger lugs and track designs to handle the higher elevation and thinner air. For these reasons, they’re ideal for riding in the mountains.

Performance Snowmobiles

High-performance snowmobiles feature the highest horsepower and most advanced suspension systems, allowing them to reach high speeds without bouncing around. They are also equipped with heavy-duty suspensions to prevent bouncing and maximize speed.

Many of these models are also race-winning replicas. As a result, performance snowmobiles offer exceptional speed and handling and are favored in racing events. 

High-performance snowmobiles are ideal for ice and snow-covered roads and steep mountains. These machines provide aggressive handling and high acceleration, so long-distance riders often spring for performance models.

Cross-over snowmobiles are perfect for long-distance riding, as they offer the best of both worlds – excellent handling on trails and a bit more muscle for going off-trail. Some models even feature electric starts.

Aside from speed, performance snowmobiles are also a significant investment. Previously, snowmobile engineers have not placed much importance on chassis damping. They have instead focused on reducing flex and improving ride characteristics.

. As a result, snowmobile engineers can design suspension systems more consistently and limit resonant energy by using greater rigidity.



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