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5 Warning Signs That Your Gas Line Needs Repair

Gas lines are prone to damage, wear and tear, and other issues that might result in hazardous effects. If you regularly inspect your gas line, you can easily spot damage or a red sign implying it’s time to repair or upgrade. For instance, visible cracks, leakages, or even odors could suggest something is wrong.

If the gas line in your property is more than a decade old, regular inspection is mandatory, and you can hire an expert to help with the inspection. Here are the five top warning signs that your gas line needs immediate repair or replacement.

1. Rust and Cracks

Rust and cracks are common in many old buildings, particularly those constructed more than 50 years ago. Some piping materials have a lifespan, so they may start to crack or show damage signs when used for some decades.

Similarly, external impacts like harsh weather conditions, ice, and strong winds can facilitate damage to your gas lines. Don’t take rust and cracks signs on your pipes lightly because they might also cause leakages and other damage. Repair or replace your gas line immediately if you spot signs of rust and cracks.

2. Gas Leaks

Do you hear a hissing sound coming from the gas line? Do you get a putrid, rotten egg smell in your house? If yes, chances are your gas line is leaking and needs repair.

The leakage could result from damaged ball valves which can’t effectively control the flow of gas in the system. The problem might get messier if the pipe is cracked because more gas will continue to leak. If you suspect a leak due to a damaged valve, find a reputable ball valves distributor to replace your old one and solve the issue before it gets out of hand.

Preventive maintenance is the safest option when it comes to gas lines. Remember to shut off the gas line first before contacting an expert to help solve the problem.

3. High Utility Costs

High utility costs could result from a damaged gas line system. Even the slightest leakage creates the highest impact on your utility bill, and you might need a thorough inspection and repair for any damaged line.

Gas can easily leak from the system even when the valve is closed. Loose pipe fittings or walls easily let the gas out, which means you may get an unexplainable gas utility bill if you don’t take action. Find an experienced plumber to identify and solve the problem before it’s late.

4. Dead Plants and Flowers

Do you have flowers in your house or around your home? If so, you will do anything to maintain their excellent condition, including watering and allowing sunlight. In that case, the last thing you expect is to see signs of withering quickly.

Leaked gas is harmful to plants as it is to humans. Inspect your gas line immediately if you notice dead or withered plants in your house.

5. Signs of Gas Poisoning

Gas is hazardous to human health. The most common signs of natural gas poisoning are dizziness, headache, vomiting, chest pains, nausea, and throat infection. Your pet may show the same signs, and extended exposure might result in death.

Shut off your gas line if everyone in the house experiences the exact effects of gas poisoning. You can also inform your gas line company for immediate action. If the gas line is damaged, replacing the pipes and fittings may be the best solution.

Take Away

A damaged gas line is harmful to your health and can result in costly damages. Regularly inspect your gas lines and seek professional assistance when need be. Also, replace gas lines older than 50- years because they are more prone to damage.


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